The floor is given to the SMEs and SMALL BUSINESSES in healthcare industry in AUVERGNE RHONE-ALPES region

As AMLIS’ Board member and Aptys Pharma’s President, François Boutignon, answered to the questions of the agency Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises about healthcare industries and biotech companies.

This comprehensive overview gives a detailed picture of the stakeholders in pharmaceutical industries and biotech companies in our Region.

Through these questions, François Boutignon highlights difficulties for SMEs and Small Businesses in healthcare industry. He emphasizes the lack of attractivity of the Region due to poor transportation networks in Auvergne and therefore problems to hire new employees. Finally, he underlines an economical imbalance between areas inside the Region.

Next to these obstacles, François Boutignon raises the dynamism of the Region about scientific expertise in microbiology, nutrition, food, and in pain management with Analgesia institute which is co-founded with Aptys Pharma.

Finally, François Boutignon concludes with: “Auvergne really needs to attract businesses with industrial feasibility”: the new challenge for the future of Healthcare Industries.

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