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We provide flexible solutions
adapted to industrial realism

What we do?

For over twenty years, Aptys pharma® has been actively involved in the galenic formulation and design of medicines.  This solid experience has led us to develop our own products for licensing or sale.


A unique and
determined vision

Discover our know-how

Aptys pharma® is a research and development company. We implement technologies to formulate or reformulate molecules. Our pharmaceutical and biotechnology expertise enables us to support our clients in the design and formulation, analytical development, and quality control of medicines.

An ongoing challenge
driven by passion

smart technology

Our ambition has always been to design and develop innovative medicines thanks to our proven know-how. Our galenic formulation patents are the synthesis of academic and industrial experience in the field of peptide-based medicines.


Aptys pharma® has developed many high-tech products under contract or for its own account, with the aim of selling the product once at an advanced stage of development.



Two laboratories

  • Formulation design laboratory
  • GMP compliant and a WHO-accredited analytical laboratory


  • Preformulation analysis using SoluDiag® and NanoSolution® technology that are two fast and low raw material usage methods.
  • Formulation of immediate and controlled release tablets, microspheres, microcapsules, gels, creams, solutions, and suspensions.
  • Analytical development, validation, quality control and stability testing.

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